Marine Warranty Survey

Marine Warranty Survey

Marine Warranty Services (MWS) is one of our main business lines and often forms the basis for many other services in our offering.

MCE is on the approved panel of Marine Warranty Surveyors for many of the leading energy underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and for reinsurance firms in secondary markets.

Our MWS offering for the loadout, transportation, and installation of offshore structures and for MODUs is in accordance with the Joint Rig Committee Marine Warranty Surveyors Code of Practice (CoP) and Generic Scope of Work (GSoW).

Service Offering:

We provide independent reviews for marine procedures and engineering related to complex marine operations. The marine procedures and engineering reviewed are verified onsite by approvals for the marine spread (suitability surveys) and by the issuance of a Certificate of Approval (CoA) prior to the commencement of the marine operation.

Typical marine operations covered under Marine Warranty Approvals include::

  • Marine Transportations, including wet and dry tows.
  • Offshore heavy lifts.
  • Installation of steel jackets, concrete structures, and process modules.
  • Installation of FPSOs and SPM.

Subsea installation including pipe lay, risers, optical fibre cable lay, spools &  SSIVs’,

  • Review all project procedures and either accept them or raise comments through a Technical Review Note.
  • If comments are made, then the document or procedure needs to be revised and resubmitted.
  • Once the document is accepted, it becomes part of the approved procedures.
  • The marine spread to be used on the project/marine operation is inspected and approved with project-specific comments/recommendations.
  • Attendance on site will be to help close out pending technical queries/recommendations and ensure that the approved procedures are adhered to.
  • Once the Marine Warranty Surveyor is satisfied that all approved procedures will be executed, a Certificate of Approval (CoA) is issued.

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