Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Service Offering:

MCE has a comprehensive service offering of Technical Due Diligence to leading banks and financial institutions.

MCE’s range of services under technical due diligence is typically in support of the procurement process for new builds, conversions, second-hand purchases, sale-leaseback options, with the aim of supporting the technical risk mitigation from concept to delivery and onward through the service life.

  • Assessment of the present status of the project/asset with reference to its declared level of completion, timelines for completion, and order status of long-lead items.
  • Independent confirmation that all technical risks have been adequately identified, mitigated & are being controlled from project concept to completion.
  • Evaluation of the project schedule and budget, including contingencies, and identification of likely cost/time overruns.
  • On-going general technical input to protect financiers’ interests, both during the construction phase and operational phase.
  • Review of the IE clause – typically required by lenders and commonly a fundamental part of any funding.

Our Due Diligence portfolio comprises:

  • Design Review
  • Specification Review
  • Contract Review
  • Insurance Review
  • Shipyard Identification
  • CAPEX/OPEX Review
  • Financial Model technical input to the model and advice on technical sensitivities
  • Tender/Purchase Documentation
  • Shipyard Auditing
  • Shipyard Selection review of technical discussion
  • Design Review
  • Planning Review
  • Construction Inspection
  • Milestone confirmation
  • Guarantee Support
  • Asset Condition Surveys

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