Marine Operations & Logistics

Transportation & Installation

Every offshore Oil & Gas ( O&G) field operator is constantly engaged in various marine activities, to support their ultimate objective of safe and efficient O&G production. Every offshore oil field is essentially dependent on efficient marine operations and logistic support.

In addition to the exhaustive planning activities, the oil and gas operator’s challenge starts from selecting various elements of marine spread like drilling rigs / AHTS/ OSVs / PSVs / Survey vessels / construction barges / derrick barges / Pipelay barges / HLV / Heavy transportation barges etc. for successfully performing their offshore activities. A strong technical understanding of the capabilities and limitation of these assets, is the key to success.

MCE, in a capacity of  a Marine & Engineering consultant starts supporting their client from this stage and earlier, if required.

After identifying and selecting the marine asset(s), the challenge comes in getting it to the field and deploying it for the intended activity The only way to ensure its efficient working is through strong operational and logistic support.

Some of the essential activities that need to be performed, during these phases and prior to physical mobilization of the marine spared, are listed below. MCE wish to be the consultant of choice that can provide active coordination and consultancy support.

  • Draw up marine spread requirements for the activities planned.
  • Compare and fill in the gaps between the required marine spread and the marine assets available in the required time frame and budgets.
  • Formulate scope of work packages for RFQs for hiring marine spread and associated services.
  • Identify vendors / brokers for supply of marine spread and associated services.
  • Assistance in technical bid evaluation for marine spread and associated services.
  • Vessel inspection – CMID / OVID / fit for purpose
  • Vessel charter party – review & comments
  • Inputs on charter party finalisation
  • On- hire and Off Hire surveys
  • Custom Clearance formalities – Coordination with the Charterer/Owners/Agents for import & re-export of marine assets / marine spread
  • Conversion formalities from Foreign to coastal & vice versa- Coordination with all agencies
  • SPL application to DG Shipping and follow ups as per the validity
  • Guidance on INSA formalities ( Field Operator has to apply for it)
  • Coordination for MOD ( Ministry of Defence ) & NSC ( Naval Security Clearnce) for the marine spread
  • Visa application Formalities for the crew
  • MOHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs) application for the crew as applicable.
  • Offshore pass application formalities
  • Dock Entry Passes (coordination with agent)
  • Association with HAZID and HAZOP for marine assets/ operations.
  • Provide marine inputs to projects team to plan operations for loadouts, transporation and installation of offshore assets in the field.

After mobilization and deployment of the marine assets in the field. They are regularly required to be supported for fuel, water, food, drilling consumables, production consumables, project cargoes, etc. This support is achieved through efficient operations of supporting vessels like OSVs/ PSVs/ AHTS etc. Efficient performance of the primary asset is significantly dependent on the efficient marine logistic support. MC team again assists you here, in managing the logistic support in a efficient manner. Some of the associated activities that are performed during this phase of operation and beyond, that are supported by active coordination by MCE, are listed below.

  • Monitor vessel movements and approve DPRs – optimise and manage changes in conditions /operations.
  • Vessel berthing operations – Coordination with port authorities/Customs/Agents/Launch services etc
  • Cargo operations loading – offloading operations and safety compliance
  • Optimization of vessel movement in different phases of activities
  • Bunker Operations – coordination and assurance
  • ON Hire-OFF Hire surveys
  • Port facility safety inspection and company HHSE Policy compliance
  • Incident investigation
  • Vessel day-to-day activates – monitoring and coordination
  • Attendance on-board as marine representative of the company

MCE team is  fully competent in pursuing above activities  on behalf of the client through the consultancy assignment. MCE has been engaged with British Gas (India) to manage the Panna, Mukta and Tapti fields with a similar work scope between 2013 and 2019. MCE team consists of members who have been involved in these activities for a long time and demonstrated their competence to the industry in past.

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