Transportation & Installation Engineering Services

Service Offering:

MCE provides a fine blend of experienced and quality consultancy for the transportation and installation of offshore structures and MODUs; right from vessel identification, through to the load-out, sail-away and installation offshore.

Process: Transportation engineering and superintendence service offered by MCE comprise the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation Manuals, including Met-Ocean data review, Sea-fastening designs, Stability, Motions Analysis, Cargo Strength Checks, etc.
  • Marine Procedures
  • On Site Operational Control and Ballasting Supervision

Lift engineering service offering by MCE comprise of following:

  • Lift analysis and rigging design for offshore structures during the load out / load off to wet storage area and lift at the installation location
  • Ballast, stability and mooring analysis for the load out, transport and wet storage operations

Towage And Dry Transportation

Through synergies with our colleagues in Marine Warranty Services, we are able to provide specialist services in towage and dry transportation.

Experienced & qualified master mariners assisted by a team of engineers (Naval Architects / Structural) assess / assure the towage by carrying our a suitability survey of the marine spread involved (tug and tow) and a review of various documentation like bollard pull, certification of towing gear, towage route, metocean data, etc.

Towage is largely split into four main groups:

  • Harbour – berthing assistance & repositioning within harbour limits
  • Dead-ship – ocean tow of a disabled or salvaged vessel
  • Tug & Barge operations – ocean & coastal towage as the principal commercial activity
  • Ocean towage of Rigs, MODUs (Jack-ups, etc.) & MOPUs – Wet and Dry  Transportation

Key Deliverables: MCE can provide consultants to advise on all aspects of ocean tows and rig moves, including the feasibility and option of contracting a heavy lift vessel. Often these studies are bolstered with a review, including geotechnical assessment, of the loading and the unloading locations.

Should a wet tow be selected, then MCE can assist Client’s manage various aspects of the operation viz. ensure –

  • Suitability and the integrity of the unit for the transportation,
  • Capability of equipment in terms of the towing connections and the bridle to withstand the towing forces during all weather conditions.
  • Suitability of the towing vessel to provide the service for the duration of the operation

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