GMR 220 MW Power Generating Barge ‘Om Sai Eswara’ Dry Transportation from Mangalore to Kakinada, India

GMR Energy Ltd

Projects Details

The Dry Transportation of Power Barge from Mangalore to Kakinada was taken to strategically position the 220 MW power generation plant closer to Gas feed source of KG D-6 basin and thereby achieve better economic efficiency of power generation.


  • Towed transit of barge through dredged river channel of about 2.5 mtrs (river bed included rocks which needed to be blasted and removed)
  • Sea transportation by Float-on/Float-off on submersible vessel. Float-on operation restricted to 4 hours tidal window for full depth submergence
  • Berthing / Un-berthing in specially created basin with clearances of 1 mtr on side walls of concrete

Scope of Work :

Marine Advisors and Warranty Surveyors for:
  • Transportation and Towage
  • Engineering review and approval of Transportation by Float-on / Float-off
  • On-site attendance for safe berthing / un-berthing from special basin, passage through restricted river channels and Float-on / Float-off operation

Contract Value :

150,000 USD

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