Rig Move Services

 Through synergies with our colleagues in marine warranty services, we work with clients  to execute / supervise marine operations on the following asset classes -

  • Jack Ups – including rigs, lift boats, wind farm installation vessels
  • Semi Submersibles (moored and DP)
  • Drill barges and Drill ships

At MCE we understand the need for detailed planning, sense of urgency, and accuracy during rig moves. MCE’s specialist rig moving services include the following:

  • Site specific location approvals based on
    • Geotechnical / Geophysical Analysis
    • Historic data of class of vessels that have been at the same location
  • Leg penetration analysis
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Approvals / Site superintendence for Dry transportation
  • Provision of tow masters
  • Pre-Purchase / Condition Surveys
  • OVID inspection and Rig Audits
  • Valuations
  • Technical Due Diligence for banks and financial institutions