MWS for ONGC Life Extension Well Head Platforms Phase 3 (LEWP-3) Project

Date: March 2017

MCE wins the Marine Warranty Contract for ONGC LEWP-3 Project being executed by the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC). Project involves primarily works for Decommissioning, Removal and Replacement of existing Topside Decks (along with all facilities except Christmas tree) by New Decks at 10 unmanned Well Platforms connected to the five process complexes NQO, MNW, WIN, BHS and SHP in Mumbai High North (MHN) and Mumbai High South (MHS) Fields. The scope also includes strengthening of structural members, replacement of gratings / handrails and conductor guides at jacket walkway and boat landing at 8 platform locations viz. NK, NT and WI2 in MHN field and WI7, WI8, WI9, EB and IN in MHS field.